Masterpieces made by storytellers

Jewellery is timeless stories, captured. Every Musson piece evokes a memory, a moment, a person, a place.

We have gathered Australia’s most talented artisan jewellers and setters to work in our state-of-the-art Sydney Studio, handcrafting pieces that are masterfully designed and of the most exceptional quality. Pieces that can be enjoyed now and treasured for generations to come.

Musson's muses

Since the beginning, our design philosophy has been to create pieces that inspire. We use our customers’ stories and our Australian homeland to inspire exquisite masterpieces that tell a unique story and embody our timeless Musson style.

Obsession with quality

Fuelled by our passion for beauty, we source only the highest quality materials and gemstones from around the world. Every little detail is carefully considered. The quality of the crystal, it’s cut, colour and clarity. How the stone glows and shines. The lustre and purity of the precious metals we choose. So that ultimately every piece of Musson jewellery shines brighter, lasts longer and can be enjoyed for generations.

Only the best cuts

Creating jaw-dropping and award-winning pieces is a labour of love combined with exacting standards. The Musson Studio, led by Creative Director Olivar Musson, carefully selects every gemstone based on quality and beauty. This dedication means we have relationships with the very best suppliers and partners around the world.

50 years of making

Beauty lies in the art of making. And no one knows that better than Musson. Throughout our proud 50 year history we've always been known for our unique designs, and magnificent workmanship. This ethos applies to each and every creation, from an award winning ring, a one-of-a-kind piece, an exquisite collection, to a treasured gemstone being reset. Our care, passion, precision and distinct design aesthetic is reflected in each and every Musson piece. 

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