MUSSON RELEASE | Selene Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

We are thrilled to introduce, Argyle Selene. 

What makes Argyle Selene so very special is its extraordinary rarity. It was unearthed in the very last years of the Argyle mine’s 37-year history – the mine ceased production on November 3, 2020.

Selene features a 0.82ct Oval Argyle Pink Diamond from the 2021 Argyle Tender framed by a matched pair of 2ct Argyle White Diamonds.

“Across the breadth of 1.6 billion years, emerges the most intriguing diamond in history. Revered for its exquisite beauty and provenance, the Argyle Pink Diamond is coveted as the most esteemed diamond in the world.”

OLIVAr musson, reative director, musson

Selene is available for viewing at the Musson QVB boutique – we can’t wait to welcome you. 

MUSSON Jewellers

One of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses, Musson was founded by Robert and Kerry Musson in 1972. A true family business, with sons Olivar ‘Creative Director’ and Damien ‘Managing Director’ at the helm, Musson continues to move from strength to strength. With boutiques in the iconic QVB and stylish Chatswood Chase, Musson enjoys not only an enviable Australian clientele but a large international following.

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