The Fortuna Diamond


The Fortuna Diamond, A Legacy

Beautiful things often need to be rediscovered to be truly appreciated. This is absolutely the case for the Fortuna Diamond, Musson’s latest once-in-a-lifetime acquisition, that will be on display for sale at its Sydney’s QVB store with a price tag of $3.3 million dollars.

Three decades ago, a woman in West London, purchased an “exceptionally sized” ring she assumed was costume jewellery at a market.

This ‘costume jewellery’ was in fact a spectacular and incredibly rare 26 carat diamond, which its owner unknowingly wore for the past thirty years. Imagine her thrill and disbelief upon discovery!

Nothing is more exciting for the lover of fine jewels than the totally unexpected appearance of a rare multi-million dollar diamond. Like the masterpiece that is discovered at the market and returned to its rightful place on the gallery wall, the legacy of the Fortuna diamond will now shine bright.

Olivar Musson, Creative Director of Musson Jewellers, wants to celebrate the uniqueness of this extraordinary gem, along with its auspicious heritage, and has set this jewel with an extraordinary 0.75ct Pink Diamond from Argyle’s International Pink Diamond Tender.

“Argyle Pink Diamonds are one in a million, as was the discovery of the Fortuna Diamond. For me it seemed like the perfect marriage of rare and important jewels. The story behind how this piece came to be will live on in the ages,” he said.

“We have been honoured to work with and own many important diamonds in this highest echelon of jewellery design and we know that these significant jewels have legacies and many lives. We are their temporary custodians,” he added.

The Musson Fortuna Diamond Necklace was unveiled at a private launch event on the 26th September to an exclusive audience of only fifty guests. Consumers are able to view this one-off masterpiece from the 27th September.


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For further information please contact Musson Marketing & Communications Manager, Alison Habbal.

on or +61 2 9412 0880

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