Limited Edition 2017 Australian Kangaroo Coin

As a Select Argyle Atelier, Musson is very proud to be stocking the new ‘Limited Edition 2017 Australian Kangaroo Coin’.

This 24ct yellow gold coin was minted to correspond with the 2016 ‘Kimberley Treasure Coin’ which featured the Red Kangaroo holding an Argyle Tender Red Diamond. This iconic collectable was sold for AUD$1 million, within two days of its release. The launch now of this special ‘Australian Kangaroo 2oz Gold Edition’ is a collaboration between The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds with an exclusive mintage of only 300 pieces worldwide.

The coins contains 2oz of 99.99% pure gold and features a hand-set 0.04ct Argyle pink diamond. Struck in high relief, this exclusive coin is issued as Australian legal tender and possesses a monetary denomination of AUD$500.

The ‘Limited Edition 2017 Australian Kangaroo Coin’ will be a treasured, highly desirable symbol of the history behind the Argyle mine and its prized Pink Diamonds. Demand for these collectables is always high, secure your ‘Limited Edition 2017 Australian Kangaroo Coin’ today!


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