Aurora Horizon Pendant


Inspired by the beauty of a fleeting, shimmering sunset.

Inspired by the moment when the sun dips in the darkening sky and mother nature throws her swirling curtain of fiery light toward the heavens, the Aurora Horizon Pendant is a tangible reminder of a fleeting moment, a beautifully captured sunset you can wear and treasure forever.

The Aurora Horizon Pendant pendant is 18ct yellow gold with grain-set Cabochon-cut Rubies, Pink Tourmalines and Orange Sapphires (27 gemstones, approx. 1.5ct); featuring a brilliant White Diamond (0.055ct) and a 13-14mm, drop-shaped, untreated Australian South Sea pearl.

45cm Double trace chain sold separately.

Pearl size:

0.05ct G-VS

18ct Yellow Gold


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