Argyle Sun Struck

‘Sun Struck’ strikes an art deco chord with a contemporary twist. The centre diamond floats above a mirrored disc creating an enhancement of brilliance and size. The finely grain set diamond surround with unique breaking points ensures your centre gem is not only enhanced, but also the focal point of the design. Continuing with Musson’s trend that the back is as important as the front, the underside of ‘Sun Struck’ is a sculptural delight. 

Olivar Musson’s signature ‘Sun Struck’ collection now comes featuring ‘beyond rare’ Argyle Pink Diamonds! There is something so luxurious about wearing a pink diamond and with the Argyle mine set to close in 2021 now is the perfect time to buy.

Discover Argyle ‘Sun Struck’ at Musson boutiques today and acquire a truly unique heirloom.