MEET THE TEAM | Debbie Wang

We are thrilled to introduce Debbie Wang, Musson’s Chatswood Chase Boutique Manager.

With a Bachelor of Commerce and Art degree and Certified Gemmologist, Debbie is full of knowledge, a true jewellery lover, and always wants to ensure her customers and clients have the most wonderful Musson experience. 

We’ve asked Debbie some questions so you can get to know her better…

What’s your favourite gem, and why? Each stone has their own story, their origin, which makes their tale fascinating; it would be too difficult to choose. 

Which is your all-time favourite piece of Musson jewellery and why? The Eden, a non-traditional dress ring, featuring a blue diamond centrepiece, surrounded by playful pink, yellowish-green and white diamonds, a fun design yet elegant, spectacular from every angle!

The Eden Ring by Musson

What do you love about the jewellery business in general? Jewellery is a small object that can signify the milestone of someone’s journey in life, regardless if it’s cufflinks for one’s first business shirt, an engagement ring, a wedding band, or 20 year anniversary present. 

What do you think customers love about Musson? Our friendly team, professional service, in-depth knowledge in gemstones, but most importantly, our passion in servicing our clients.

Only by having a good understanding of our customer’s preference, can we offer unique designs that cohere to their needs, providing a range of suitable options, while giving professional advice to ensure customer satisfaction.

Describe the most satisfied Musson customer you met or saw, and why? It’s always a joy to bear witness to our client’s special moments. In terms of most satisfied customer, it would be a couple that were already Musson clients prior to their engagement, they have since gotten married, and had their first child. It is an honour to be of assistance in their life moments. We still receive regular visits from them, not always as a client, but also a friendly face just to say hello in our store.

“A piece of jewellery is so meaningful and important because it was from somewhere special or from someone special, it might remind the owner of a time or a place, it could be passed down from their family.”


What personal satisfaction do you take from your professional life at Musson? Pursuing a field of interest, learning from a team with a wealth of knowledge within the industry, and helping clients in celebrating key moments of their life.

Why is jewellery so special and important to people? It’s about what it represents. A piece of jewellery might be important because it was from somewhere special or from someone special, it might remind them of a time or a place, it could be passed down from their family.

E! Host Francesca Hung at The Octavia Launch by Musson

What has been your most magical Musson moment? Every other week, when we receive new pieces from our studio. It’s like working in a candy store!

How would you like to see the brand grow in the future? The most well-known jeweller in Australia, the icon. 

Chatswood Chase Musson Boutique

One of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses, Musson was founded by Robert and Kerry Musson in 1972. A true family business, with sons Olivar ‘Creative Director’ and Damien ‘Managing Director’ at the helm, Musson continues to move from strength to strength. With boutiques in the iconic QVB and stylish Chatswood Chase, Musson enjoys not only an enviable Australian clientele but a large international following.

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