MUSSON RELEASE | The Collector’s Edition

Musson, was the first jeweller in the world to launch the rare Collector’s Edition of Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds. Now, a new series release pays homage to the discovery of the Argyle mine on top of an anthill in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia in 1979.  

Musson, one of the few jewellers in the world to hold the title of ‘Select Argyle Atelier’, has worked with the extraordinary gems from the Argyle mine, in Western Australia, across its 37-year lifespan, until it was closed in November last year.

“In our years of partnership with Argyle, we have amassed a carefully curated collection of diamonds of exceptional rarity, quality and beauty. We have sold many of the most rare and exceptional gems from the Argyle mine.”

– OLiver MuSSON

The Collector’s Edition allows unprecedented access to some of the world’s most rare diamonds, and given the mine is closed, it is genuinely an offer that can never be repeated.

“This is a curated collection of diamonds with impeccable provenance, international accreditation and independent, gemmological endorsement,” he says.

Because of its deep history with Argyle, Musson is uniquely able to offer such an extensive, comprehensive collection of these incredibly rare gems.

Musson owner and founder, Robert Musson, was invited to view the first world-renowned Argyle Pink Diamond Tender in 1984, making Musson one of the first jewellers in the world to deal in the majestic gems of the Kimberley.

The Argyle mine generated more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamond supply, making Argyle Pink Diamonds one of the rarest and most expensive natural commodities on earth, and therefore a super high-performing investment. An Argyle Pink Diamond is one of the most concentrated forms of wealth in the world.

The collection offers single stones, pairs, or sets. Each diamond, or parcel of diamonds, is certified and sealed by internationally recognised diamond and gem laboratory, the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Yet, with a starting price of $3,000, owning an Argyle diamond has become “must-have” and genuinely achievable for people who love beautiful objects.


One of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses, Musson was founded by Robert and Kerry Musson in 1972. A true family business, with sons Olivar ‘Creative Director’ and Damien ‘Managing Director’ at the helm, Musson continues to move from strength to strength. With boutiques in the iconic QVB and stylish Chatswood Chase, Musson enjoys not only an enviable Australian clientele but a large international following.

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